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Submitted May 13, 2020 
 This Tuesday, May 12, our Safety Team met and discussed the possibility of moving our services back inside. Tonight, May 13, our Leadership Team met and discussed the recommendation of our Safety Team. All members of both teams agreed this plan was the best option for right now.
     We will continue to worship in our drive-in services through the month of May. However, those who are ready to move out of their cars - we encourage you to bring a lawn chair and gather in front of the stage. Families can sit together but please respect one another and remain at least 6' from non family members. 
Today our Governor announced that next Friday, May 15, we will enter phase 1 of a movement back to normal. For us, that gives us the opportunity to once again have inside worship services. We will only be able to gather with 50% of our normal capacity and will continue with the 6' social distancing policy. Early next week our leadership team will meet and discuss what this will look like for us. Also our safety team (which is made up of emt's and nurses) will meet and talk about how we can re-open in a safe and healthy way. We know everyone will not be ready to come inside just now, so we will continue with the radio (93.7 FM) transmission in our parking lot and on Facebook live. Please pray for God to give our leaders wisdom on how to accomplish this phase. We are moving in the direction of getting back together!
(Submitted May 8, 2020)
 While we look a little different right now due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we continue to minister, pray and serve our risen Lord!
As a ministry in the state of Virginia we are currently under the Executive Order 55. Which means we can only meet as a "drive in" congregation and online. All regular services are temporarily suspended. At this time we are only meeting on Sundays at 11:00 AM for drive in church. Please visit our Facebook page ( ) for additional information and live video of services.  

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